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This Sahara Railway Is One of the Most Extreme in the World – National Geographic

// At more than 430 miles long, the Mauritania Railway has been transporting iron ore across the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert since 1963. One of the longest and heaviest trains in the world, the 1.8-mile beast runs from … Continue reading

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Rhythm and Shifting Our Perception | David Alderdice | TEDxPaonia

How can understanding rhythm shift our perceptions of ourselves and the world? In this riveting talk Ethno-musicologist David Alderdice uses a mulltipercussion instrument and engages the audience to demonstrate how poly-rhythms, the simultaneous use of one or two conflicting rhythms, … Continue reading

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Why we shouldn’t trust markets with our civic life

In the past three decades, says Michael Sandel, the US has drifted from a market economy to a market society; it’s fair to say that an American’s experience of shared civic life depends on how much money they have. (Three … Continue reading

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Scientists demonstrate first contagious airborne WiFi virus –

esearchers at the University of Liverpool have shown for the first time that WiFi networks can be infected with a virus that can move through densely populated areas as efficiently as the common cold spreads between humans. The team designed … Continue reading

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We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads

We’re building an artificial intelligence-powered dystopia, one click at a time, says techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci. In an eye-opening talk, she details how the same algorithms companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon use to get you to click on ads are … Continue reading

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Day trip to Blackburn (yes, you heard, Blackburn)

Originally posted on FREE Days Out in Lancashire:
Tourism and Blackburn is a combination about as comfortable as a honeymoon in Mogadishu. But if you’re looking for a free day out, especially somewhere to take your kids in the summer…

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Jackdaw And The Magpie; My Life And Death Struggle

Originally posted on City Jackdaw:
So, the saga of the life-and-death struggle began at 6.30 in the morning. First up, I showered and came downstairs, opening the blinds to see this in our front garden: If you look carefully, you…

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Mandatory stop: São Paulo Municipal Market

Originally posted on Brazilian Amazon Cuisine:
I’m in São Paulo and whenever I visit the city I have to go to “Mercadão” (the way native call the Municipal Market). It is literally a mandatory stop in the city and has…

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A cellular biologist animates the life cycle of HIV in this hypnotic video

While the musical soundtrack is wholly a product of the imagination, everything else in this spellbinding animation of the HIV virus — created by Janet Iwasa — was based on the findings of researchers. University of Utah cellular biologist Janet … Continue reading

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Music and emotion through time

In this epic overview, Michael Tilson Thomas traces the development of classical music through the development of written notation, the record, and the re-mix.

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