Climate change/global warming course correction: It’s incumbent on us to get this right

Getting right to the point, if you are of the position – as many people are – that climate change (CC) and/or global warming (GW) are real and humans are to blame, do you agree that is it incumbent on us to take the necessary steps to make a climate course-correcting change, what should be the steps taken and to what extent should be the course-correcting effort?

If, on the other hand, you don’t believe, well, you might want to read on just the same.

As it relates, I’ve been reading a considerable amount as of late about cities such as Baltimore, New York, Oakland and San Francisco taking on Big Oil in court. The different sides have different points of view on the matter, obviously.

How I understand the so far unresolved issue, the lawsuit-filing cities that have taken the position that to reverse the damage that climate change has wrought, the job rests with Big Oil and Big Oil, by contrast, contends that the brunt of that burden should fall to the consumers.

What this says to me, meanwhile, is that CC and/or GW are real and that such is anthropogenically caused and Big Oil agrees, apparently.

So, a question: When push comes to shove and at the end of the day, aren’t we all – or shouldn’t we all be – in this fight together[…]

Source: Climate change/global warming course correction: It’s incumbent on us to get this right

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