A Brilliantly Designed Lunar Lander Tiny Home – Laughing Squid

Boat designer Kurt Hughes moved from sea to space with a brilliantly designed tiny home created in the spitting image of a NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander that sits on the banks of the Columbia River in Washington state. The project took several years to complete and it came very close to catching fire, but the fireproof epoxy evidently did its job.

Yesterday, Monday, I was going to dive into the work for everybody. As soon as I got up I got a text informing me that my lunar lander dwelling had been engulfed in a wild fire overnight, but was probably OK. I had to speed over and see what was damaged.I was amazed. It was fine. We did learn that epoxy is self extinguishing in tests for the USCG, but I didn’t really want to test it.[…]


Source: A Brilliantly Designed Lunar Lander Tiny Home


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