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Take a Tour of ‘Inflatable’ at San Francisco’s Exploratorium – Colossal

The Exploratorium summer show, curated by Colossal, has filled the museum and exploration space to the roof—literally!—with eye-catching, mind-boggling, and joy-inducing interactive inflatable art. Take a peek at the exhibit, which includes artwork by Shih Chieh Huang, Jason Hackenwerth, Amanda … Continue reading

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Where Did the Word “Dumpster” Come From?

Originally posted on What? How? Wonder.:
It was actually a trademarked name for the original trash-collection containers made by Dempster Brothers, a US company (still around), back in 1936. It has since entered the American-English language and is very-well known…

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Brazilian Woman, Son To Be Reunited Per Federal Court Order — CBS Chicago

The mother, who has applied for asylum, was released from an immigrant detention facility in Texas June 9. via Brazilian Woman, Son To Be Reunited Per Federal Court Order — CBS Chicago

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For four years, the parallel power of Lava Jato has influenced the politics and economy of the country

Originally posted on The Net Projection:
Source: El País 14 June 2018 By Rodrigo Tacla Duran Gag: the same as muzzle, a cloth or any object put in the mouth to impede someone from speaking or shouting. Using force and coercion…

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The blue powder entranced. Then it killed

Originally posted on Beyond Nuclear International:
Odesson Alves Ferreira still fights for compensation for victims of deadly nuclear accident in Brazil By Norbert Suchanek On September 13, 1987, Brazilian scrap metal dealer, Devair Ferreira, unwittingly opened Pandora’s box. Out spilled…

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A 38-Foot-Tall Whale Made From 10,000 Pounds of Plastic Waste Surfaces in Bruges

In response to the Bruges Triennial‘s 2018 theme “Liquid City,” Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm STUDIOKCA designed a 38-foot-tall sculptural whale composed of over five tons of plastic pulled from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The studio, led by Jason Klimoski … Continue reading

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DRAGON: A Snakelike Drone Robot That Shape-Shifts in Flight – Colossal

The JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo has designed a modular flying robot that propels itself through the air with several small fans. The entire device is built to autonomously alter its shape during flight, allowing the robot to … Continue reading

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Why Does Everyone Hate Pigeons?

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Philosophy Feuds: Freud vs Jung

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Structures: Photos by Antonio Gouveia – Faith is Torment

Black and white photos of structures with an ethereal feel by fine art landscape and seascape photographer Antonio Gouveia based in the UK. He listens to music while processing his images as it is the best way to express that part of … Continue reading

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