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Documentary reveals that the indigenous people of Brazil still face an old evil: the deconstruction of of their culture and beliefs through evangelisation

Perpera lives his life completely surrounded by elements of modern civilisation. Film director and scriptwriter Luiz Bolognesi delves into the life of the tribe and its different generations identifying the effects of time since the tribe’s first contact with the outside world in 1969. In just two years, the tribe lost 200 of its 750 members to infections, viruses and illnesses brought in by the explorers.

The interaction gradually defaced their old customs. They now cook on stoves, have electricity and use mosquito nets while sleeping. The difference between 1969 and now is staggering and revolting. The ethnocide film is still happening without interference from the Brazilian government and other institutions. The film raises a question: what can we do in to order to stop this phenomenon and restore the dignity of the indigenous people?

Source: Ex-Shaman – film review

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5 Responses to Ex-Shaman – film review – Dirty Movies

  1. I am a bit surprised about the reaction of his people. I would have expected more skepticism towards the new and the strange.
    It is also strange that the church still is allowed to say things like shamans are from hell. Where is the Christian love in that?


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