Annecy Festival – 100 Years in 100 Seconds

In the year of its 100th anniversary, Brazilian animation industry receives a special tribute at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, one of the world’s most important events in animation.

To celebrate the fact the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) commissioned from agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi and Vetor Zero a film summarizing the history of Brazilian animation in 100 seconds. Directorial duo Alton, together with agency creatives selected a series of significant characters from the worlds of film, advertising, television and the web, from the pioneering Kaiser by Álvaro Marins (1917) to Cuca, the protagonist of “The Boy And The World”, nominated for the 2016 Oscars.

To bring this journey to life a dream team of animators, authors and directors were invited to participate, bringing along a wide variety of techniques and materials, such as cel animation, CG, stop motion, cutouts, clay, gouache and so on. The result is a captivating, dynamic film, capable of entertaining and moving the general public as well as experts in the history of animation.

AD AGENCY: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
CLIENT: Apex-Brasil
TITLE: Cem Anos em Cem Segundos
AIR DATE: 06/02/2018
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Pedro Padro | Rodrigo Castellari
ARTISTIC DIRECTORS/COPYWRITERS: Mica Moran | Luiz Brodo | Marcelo Almeida
ACCOUNT SERVICES: Saulo Sanchez | Rafael Cappelli | Gabriela Marques | Julia Marquezi | Camila Larroudé
MEDIA SERVICES: Mauricio Almeida | Adriana Roza | Leonardo Sousa
PLANNING: Rita Albuquerque | Quentin Mahe
RTV: Elucieli Nascimento | Fernanda Sousa | Rafael Paes | Victor Alloza
EDITORIAL: Vetor Zero Team
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Alberto Lopes e Sergio Salles
ONLINE: Vivi Torre
ACCOUNT MANAGERS/LINE PRODUCERS: Fernanda Germek | Marcia Guimarães
Alceu Baptistao – Tartaruga
Alê Abreu – Menino e o mundo
Angeli – Wood & Stock e Rê Bordosa
Celia Catunda – Luna e Peixonauta
Cesar Cabral – Dossiê Rê Bordosa
Clóvis Vieira – Cassiopéia
Juliano Enrico – Irmão do Jorel
Kiko Mistrorigo – Luna e Peixonauta
Luiz Bolognesi – Uma História de Amor e Fúria
Marcos Magalhães – Ratinho Azul e Meow
Otto Guerra – Wood & Stock: Sexo, Orégano e Rock’n’Roll
Paolo Conti – Minhocas, o filme
Rafael Ribas – Lino uma aventura de sete vidas
Rosana Urbes – Guida
Thiago Martins – Fudêncio
Victor Hugo – Historietas Assombradas
Walbercy Ribas – O Grilo Feliz e o Homenzinho Azul
Zé Brandão – Tromba Trem
CONDUCTOR: Equipe Satélite
ACCOUNT SERVICES: Fernanda Costa | Tatiane Dias Ferreira
CLIENT APPROVAL: Carlos Villanova | Pricila Caied | Fabio Galvão

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