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Funny Video: Apparently, This Guy is Tired of People Stealing His Donkey

Originally posted on Best of Brazil Blog:
We are not aware of an epidemic of donkey-related theft, but you know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a…tricked out beast of burden.

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The North Wind and the Sun

Originally posted on NotionsCapital:
The North Wind and the Sun (1972), Aesop’s fable directed by Les Drew and Rhoda Leyer for the National Film Board of Canada. ______________ Short Link: Comments are welcome if they are on-topic, substantive, concise, and not boring or…

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Painted Street Carpets Connect Modern Cities to Ancient Ornamentation by Arthur-Louis Ignoré – Colossal

Arthur-Louis Ignoré,  also known as Ali, paints white patterned carpets on public sidewalks and passageways in cities across the world, including recent installations throughout France and Finland. The works are inspired by both geometric and botanical patterns found in ancient ornamentation … Continue reading

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car spotting: tomek mąkolski puts LEGO porsche GT3 on the streets of warsaw -designboom

warsaw-based photographer tomek mąkolski — specialized in lifestyle, fashion, and cars — diversifies the streets of his city through the use of his image-creation talent. titled ‘car spotting’,[…] Source: car spotting: tomek mąkolski puts LEGO porsche GT3 on the streets of warsaw

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Eccles: #surprisingsalford #29

Originally posted on Back on the road again:
? North of the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal and west from Manchester is the small town of Eccles.  I say ‘small town’ deliberately because this might be part of Salford…

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England’s burning

The HOBBLEDEHOY Wildfire swept across the moors near Manchester, England, on Tuesday. CreditAnthony Devlin/Getty Images A wildfire raged for a fourth day through dry grassland to the east of Manchester in the north of England on Wednesday, as Britain sweated through … Continue reading

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Bee in the City – Bright Lights

Originally posted on Cundall Conversations:
By Liz Skelton The Bee in the City initiative, makes us consider the life of a bee within the city of Manchester. Our perception of light and the influence it has on our existence, differs…

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Quirky Portraits by Bill Mayer Imagine Flora and Fauna as High Society Humans – Colossal

Fusing charming portraits of wildlife with the severe trappings of historical costume, Bill Mayer creates darkly fantastical worlds in his detailed gouache paintings. A frog poses in royal dress, a pearl-draped mouse looks ready for a ball amongst massive wedges of … Continue reading

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Oh Sheep!

Two flocks of sheep are searching for companionship. But their shepherds, being at odds with each other, do everything to keep them separated. Script: Gottfried Mentor, Max Lang Direction: Gottfried Mentor Music: Matthias Klein Sound Design: Roman Volkholz, Christian Heck … Continue reading

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