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President Dilma Rousseff visits Manchester University

Originally posted on John Gledhill, anthropologist:
Yesterday Manchester University’s Global Development Institute hosted a meeting in which staff and postgraduate students had an opportunity to meet and talk with former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. ? Elected for a second term…

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The Mind Reimagined in Paper Brains by Elsa Mora

Paper artist Elsa Mora (previously) contemplates the brain in a new series titled Mindscapes. The collection of eight paper works show birds-eye views of the brain, rendered in different techniques. Carefully layered grey dots, intricate nets of delicate floral designs, embossed … Continue reading

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Why you should love gross science

What can we learn from the slimy, smelly side of life? In this playful talk, science journalist Anna Rothschild shows us the hidden wisdom of “gross stuff” and explains why avoiding the creepy underbelly of nature, medicine and technology closes … Continue reading

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New Prismatic Murals by Xomatok Cover the Streets of Lima With Bursts of Color – Colossal

Visual artist and art director Xomatok (previously) has been busy in Lima, Peru, where he’s outfitted several walls, building facades, and random rock piles with his signature full-spectrum color gradients. The vivid interventions are in the district of Lima called Villa … Continue reading

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Toy Stories: Portraits of Children and their Toys Around the World – Colossal

Gabriele Galimberti spent more than two years traveling the world, visiting over fifty countries to photograph young children with their toys. The Italian photographer shares in a statement on Toy Stories, “I recorded the spontaneous and natural joy that unites kids … Continue reading

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The Graceful Movement of Dancing Tulips Showcased by Carl Kleiner – Colossal

Carl Kleiner  creates sleek editorial content for fashion and lifestyle brands, and that sensibility shows in his photo and video series Postures which features artfully arranged tulips. Using minimal metal rods, bent at strategic ends and angles, Kleiner showcases the … Continue reading

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Around the world, people have surprisingly modest notions of the ‘ideal’ life –

It seems reasonable that people would want to maximize various aspects of life if they were given the opportunity to do so, whether it’s the pleasure they feel, how intelligent they are, or how much personal freedom they have. In … Continue reading

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Brazilian Attitudes About World Cup 2018, Summarized in Three Cartoons

Originally posted on Best of Brazil Blog:
Like their meme-generating countrymen, Brazil’s political cartoonists have not been silent with regard to the 2018 World Cup, especially as it relates to Brazil and Brazilians. Here are three political cartoons pretty much…

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Deadpole: Photos by Kilian Schönberger – Faith is Torment

This series by Cologne-based photographer Kilian Schönberger focuses on the changes occuring in the spruce forests that border Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. Due to heavy storms, climatic changes and acid rain in past years, the trees were significantly weakened and … Continue reading

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Everything big data claims to know about you could be wrong –

When it comes to understanding what makes people tick — and get sick — medical science has long assumed that the bigger the sample of human subjects, the better. But new research led by UC Berkeley suggests this big-data approach … Continue reading

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