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Promising universal cure for the common cold targets human cell protein – New Atlas

A team of researchers at Imperial College London has developed a novel molecule that can block the development of multiple strains of the common cold. Early in vitro tests with human cells are showing exciting results and the team hopes … Continue reading

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Imagine a city lit by glowing trees instead of streetlights – Fast Company

Could genetically engineered trees that have been crossed with bioluminescent algae be the emissions-free lighting source of the future? Source: Imagine a city lit by glowing trees instead of streetlights

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colour tunnel — Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

Originally posted on The Nester©:
via colour tunnel — Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

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Streetart News [wall 1239] – Nevercrew, Martín Ron, Herakut

Originally posted on Barbara Picci:
Nevercrew @Berlin, Germany Berlin, Germany: new piece by Swiss artists Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni aka Nevercrew for Urban Nation Berlin. USEFUL LINKS: Nevercrew in this blog | Website | Blog | Behance | Vimeo…

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Ficore’s Art House, Brazil.

Originally posted on THE OLD GUV LEGENDS:
Brazilian street artist Ficore, well known and respected for working in the graffiti medium for the past 20 years since 1997, brings us this cool geometric mural on a housing complex in Vitória,…

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Stacked affluence: how vertical neighbourhoods shape the segregation of affluence in Brazilian cities

Originally posted on Ana I. Moreno-Monroy:
For an upper-middle class household in Latin America, residing in an apartment tower  with good access to jobs and amenities seems like a natural choice. In cities with high levels of congestion, low decentralization…

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Hand-Dyed Crocheted Thread Carefully Covers Eggs, Seeds, and Tree Trunks

Esther Traugot  connects to the natural world by collecting and covering seed pods, eggs, severed tree trunks, and other natural objects in tightly-wrapped textile “skins.” She uses hand-dyed gold threads to crochet around these objects in order to temporarily mend what … Continue reading

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Macro Infrared Photographs Unlock the Depth of Green in a Stunning Array of Canary Island Plants- Colossal

Marcus Wendt, creative director at the London-based studio Field, recently traveled to the island of Lanzarote to shoot a series of macro images of the region’s native plants. His project, Suprachromacy transforms cacti and other light-absorbing species into vibrant, multi-hued beings through infrared … Continue reading

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Manchester Together – With One Voice

Originally posted on shechoir:
Tuesday 22nd May marked the one year anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack and an emotional day for our city. It meant an awful lot to us to be part of the Manchester Together – With…

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African Drum

Originally posted on STRANGERS IN FINLAND:
Outside The Central Train Station. ?

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