The Basics of Neuron “Firing”

The Broad Spectrum Life

Nerve cells, or neurons, are differentiated into four major parts that all contribute to it’s ability to communicate impulsively via electricity. These are the cell body (soma)dendrites (dendrons), axon, and axon terminals. The cell body is the familiar eukaryotic cell, with membrane-bound organelles and a nucleus. The other modified parts of the neuron are what make it specialized for cell-to-cell communication. The dendrites, which also go by dendrons, are named for being “tree-like”, due to their extensive branching and spreading. These  projections are essentially the inputs to the soma from other neurons’ axons. So, axons are the outputs to other neurons’dendrites (although, there are cases where they can terminate effectively at “unconventional” locations, such as the soma or axon). The axon terminal and the dendrite are connected “virtually”. What I mean here is that they do not actually touch, they are nearly touching…

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