Good Writing is All About Rhythm

Catherine Morris

I got tongue-tied recently, explaining what I liked about an author’s style at my monthly book club.

“It just….sounds right,” I said, to a room full of knowing nods.

Anyone who reads will tell you that words have a melody and good books nail that rhythm.

So I wasn’t surprised to read recently that we use the parts of our brains associated with hearing even when reading silently to ourselves.

You are literally hearing the words in your head.


As a journalist/writer, I’ve one hard-and-fast rule: always read your first draft aloud.

It’s something I’d urge every writer to do.

Listening to the piece is invaluable for catching the rhythm, cadence and flow of the language.

Anything that sounds stilted or forced is immediately apparent and gives you a good idea of where to start your revisions.


Understanding the power of sound can be a powerful shift in perspective…

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2 Responses to Good Writing is All About Rhythm

  1. For me one of the writers that can spellbind with there words alone is Jean Giono, especially in his book “Jean le bleu”. I know it by heart, but it is such a pleasure to read …

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