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The Principal MCR

Originally posted on Daisy Grey:
As a birthday treat my boyfriend recently treated me to a nights stay at The Principal, in Manchester, and a meal at their restaurant The Refuge. Although we only live a short drive from the city centre,…

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L’Arrivee – Julia Voltova

Film de 20 secondes réalisée à la Poudrière en collaborations avec les étudiants du Conservatoire de Lyon. Atelier encadré par Marv Newland. 20-second film was made during Marv Newland’s workshop at La Poudrière film school in collaboration with the students … Continue reading

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Le Nuage: An Animated Short Explores the Frustrations of Creative Expression

Le Nuage is a short film by Russian film student Iulia Voitova which succinctly displays the many frustrations of creative output, including sadness, distraction, and writer’s block. The animated film is composed of two collaged paper characters, an earnest young woman in a bright … Continue reading

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Horses Remember Facial Expressions of People They Have Seen Before – Neuroscience News

Researchers reveal a horse can read and remember people’s emotional facial expressions. A study by the Universities of Sussex and Portsmouth reveals that horses can read and then remember people’s emotional expressions, enabling them to use this information to identify … Continue reading

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The Brazil nut that came from Pará

Originally posted on Brazilian Amazon Cuisine:
Funny how Brazil has a habit, almost irresistible, of not valuing regionality. It seems that in this country people imagine that everything will only be valued if it is associated with the great centers…

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Slinky Spirals of Clay Form Topsy-Turvy Vases by Michael Boroniec

Michael Boroniec  subverts the age-old conception of pots and vases as useful vessels of containment with his sculptural ceramics. The artist began his spiral motif in 2008 with a focus on teapots, and the style has since become the predominant … Continue reading

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This Woman Remembers Every Day of Her Life

You might think you have a good memory, but it doesn’t come close to Rebecca Sharrock’s brain bank. Born with a rare condition called highly superior autobiographical memory (H.S.A.M.), Rebecca is able to recall every single day of her life … Continue reading

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Dazzling Three-Dimensional Paper Sculptures of Birds, Bees, and Crustaceans by Lisa Lloyd

UK-based paper artist Lisa Lloyd builds dazzling birds, floral arrangements, and feasts from multi-colored layers of precisely cut paper. Her three-dimensional works are most often inspired by naturally occurring colors and patterns, which is apparent in the geometric shapes and … Continue reading

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Slowing down ageing | João Pedro de Magalhães | TEDxGhent

His research focuses on understanding the genetic, cellular, and molecular mechanisms of ageing. On our stage de Magalhães will share with us the latest developments in his research and will answer the most heated question: What is ageing and how … Continue reading

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Soaring Wire Mesh Buildings Cast Ethereal Shadows Over Coachella Music Festival – Colossal

Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi (previously), known for his massive architectural sculptures made of wire, built three transparent structures for this year’s Coachella music festival in California. Titled ‘Etherea’, the sculptural series was comprised of three identical buildings in different sizes, inspired by … Continue reading

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