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Instrument Series: Caxixi

Originally posted on phaynie:
The caxixi is a percussion instrument originating in Africa. It consists of a bell shaped wicker basket that is filled with seeds, shells, pebbles or beads and closed with a flat piece of gourd. Some modern…

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Minimalism: Photos by Andhika Ramadhian – Faith is Torment

This photography project by graphic designer Andhika Ramadhian based in Indonesia focuses on minimalism, with no more than a single person sitting, standing or in motion against a colorful patterned backdrop. His Instagram page is filled with these types of … Continue reading

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This Must Be the Place: Photos by Brendon Burton

A series on abandoned and forgotten places shot around the world by visual artist Brendon Burtonbased in Portland, Oregon. The moody and cinematic photos makes you want to know the history of these houses and buildings that have been left to … Continue reading

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‘Matter waves’ move through one another but never share space –

Ultracold disappearing act A disappearing act was the last thing Rice University physicist Randy Hulet expected to see in his ultracold atomic experiments, but that is what he and his students produced by colliding pairs of Bose Einstein condensates (BECs) … Continue reading

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Life-Size Embroidered Sculptures That Imitate Everyday Domestic Scenes by Gao Rong

Beijing-based artist Gao Rong sews life-size replicas of everyday objects from Chinese urban and domestic infrastructure. The embroidered sculptures imitate the routine items our eyes often skip over—graffiti-covered bus signs, broken pay phones, and stacks of dirty dishes. Although her works look commonplace, … Continue reading

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Manioc: the food from the Gods

Originally posted on Brazilian Amazon Cuisine:
The Portuguese language word for manioc is “Mandioca” and is a word originated from the Tupi term “mani-oca”, which means “house of Mani”. “Mani” is a Goddess of the Indigenous legends that provide the…

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Banksy Emerges in New York and Calls Attention to Imprisoned Turkish Artist Zehra Doğan – Colossal

Banksy (previously) has emerged this week on the streets of New York, creating at least two new artworks, his first pieces in the city  since his ‘residency’ five years ago. In one large work spanning the length of the famed mural space at the … Continue reading

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Over 30,000 Negatives Discovered in Russian Artist’s Attic Reveal a Lifetime of Hidden Photography

Russian artist and theater critic Masha Ivashintsova  (1942-2000) lived a secret life as a photographer, taking over 30,000 photographs in her lifetime without ever showing a soul. It wasn’t until years after her death in 2000 that her daughter Asya Ivashintsova-Melkumyan … Continue reading

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MFON Celebrates the Work of Black Women Photographers

Long excluded from mainstream histories, this anthology is giving women photographers of African descent a platform to tell their stories. Source: MFON Celebrates the Work of Black Women Photographers

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