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Textile Bodies Reveal Branched Systems of Veins, Flowers and Roots by Raija Jokinen

Finnish artist Raija Jokinen creates sculptural bodies out of flax which attempt to reveal the complicated relationship between the mind and body. Webs of flowers, veins, and roots cover her textile torsos, shape-shifting between plant and human forms. Jokinen invites the audience … Continue reading

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Samba afro antigo – Ramiro Musotto

Un arrangement de samba joué par Ilê Aiyê dans les années 1960-1970, relevé et enseigné par Ramiro Musotto.

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Ile Aiye. Salvador, Brazil. 2017. 3.

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Instrumentos e levadas básicas – DVD Ritmos e Batucadas (2015)

Este vídeo está no DVD anexo ao livro “Ritmos e Batucadas: as baterias das escolas de samba de Florianópolis” (2015), do autor André Felipe Marcelino.

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An Experimental Short Film Captures the Dramatic Dance of the Seasons

French film director Thomas Blanchard (previously) is known for his video work with oils and inks. In his most recent video, DANCE DANCE, Blanchard uses flowers as the contextual framework for his signature coils and swirls of color. Flowers have long been … Continue reading

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Doomsday seed vault to get fortified with influx of $13 million — MustHaves.LA

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault — purposely isolated on a remote island some 800 miles from the North Pole — will be upgraded to make the concrete structure more resilient to the whims of weather and climate. The vault is … Continue reading

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Inside Rio’s favelas, the city’s neglected neighborhoods

Originally posted on ParqView:
The Rio you won’t see at the Olympics. Watch part 1, “2016 Olympics: What Rio doesn’t want the world to see” Correction: The map at 1:23 had previously and incorrectly indicated Rio de Janeiro’s location near…

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Funny Scenes With Miniatures Figures (Fubiz) — Bailey Street Design

Renan Viana is a brazilian artist and photographer based in Sao Paulo. With the help of miniature figures, he creates amusing and offbeat scenes by combining objects that are used daily. Eggs, cakes, shoes or powder, Renan uses everything he … Continue reading

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A National Park-Inspired Chapel Composed of Branching Fractals by Yu Momeoda

Agri Chapel is located within a national park on the northwest coast of Japan’s island of Kyushu. The chapel was constructed by Japanese architect Yu Momoeda, who wanted to reflect the surrounding forest by bringing tree-like forms into the building. … Continue reading

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Quirky Illustrations by Virginia Mori Blend Melancholy and Surreal Humor

Using simple line drawings and pared down images, Virginia Mori captures complex human emotions. Though many of Mori’s illustrations lean toward the melancholy with themes of isolation and anxiety, moments of levity and escapism can be found, especially in her … Continue reading

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