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No Carnival In Britain Part Ten: A Celebration Of Poverty

Originally posted on Mas Media – Leeds Carnival Blog:
Children’s Play Group Street Party, 1965 Rhauane Laslett in 1967. Rhuane Laslett was a community leader and former Social Worker living in the Notting Hill area of London. She was born…

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Who was Gertrude Jekyll, and where to see the rose and garden named after her — Metro

(Picture: Google)If you tried to search the internet this morning you may have been greeted by a rather colourful display by the world’s favourite search engine. Star Wars’ Mark Hamill ‘used wheelchair to escape pestering fan’ Today’s Google Doodle honours … Continue reading

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Manga Illustrations by Ilustrata Design

Hand illustrations combining retro Japanese culture and modern technology by Brazil-based design studio Ilustrata Design. They call themselves “lovers of Nankin, Japanese culture and retro visual” using Photoshop to add final touches and a nostalgic color scheme. The illustrations are … Continue reading

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Katsura Funakoshi sculpture

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click to enalrge Katsura Funakoshi (舟越 桂 Funakoshi Katsura, born 1951) is a Japanese sculptor. Funakoshi is considered a leading name in the field of visual arts in his country. Funakoshi’s father was also a sculptor and soon he felt the same vocation. He studied in…

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See the cartoon strip in these saucy books

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Originally posted on The Book & Cartography Blog:
The illustrator of these three volumes was the Belgian artist Jean Dratz. Although known as a landscape artist – he is better known as a caricaturist and illustrator of Comics. These three, numbered…

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New Layered Glass Sculptures by Ben Young – Faith is Torment

New layered glass sculptures by Sydney-based artist Ben Young. The self-taught artist, who has been making glass sculptures for over 15 years, handcrafts each sculpture by hand layer upon layer without the use of a computer or high-tech machinery. Young … Continue reading

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Originally posted on sanpiano:
nuart festival 2013

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Going Back – written by Carole King for Phil Collins. Median probable speed charts, video.

Originally posted on Scènes à faire:
Carole King wrote a song for Phil Collins. It is called Going Back. Going Back -Phil Collins – Matherton Diagram Going Back -Phil Collins – Matherton Diagram 0121 Going Back -Phil Collins – Matherton…

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Originally posted on Beth Ramirez Photography:
This building is the Railroad Museum located in Galveston, Texas. Facing downtown Galveston, it sits right off the main road, of which us locals call “The Strand”. I live about an hour North of…

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Meet the girls giving back to the homeless women of Manchester

Originally posted on Rebecca McGrath :
A young woman is curled up in her scruffy sleeping bag in a shop doorway of Market Street. She looks weary as she asks passers-by for help in her feeble voice. It’s the time of…

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