Female fish like singing males

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This 2012 video from Germany is called Common Gobies (Pomatoschistus microps) in narrow channels around the island of Juist.

From the University of Gothenburg in Sweden:

Female fish like males who sing

October 4, 2017

Noisier seas seem to hamper fish reproduction. A new doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg shows that noise pollution impedes reproduction in sand and common gobies, both of which are important food sources for juvenile cod.

Underwater noise is invisible. It is also inaudible above the surface. It travels almost five times faster than in air, and also over much longer distances.

‘We can record the noise of boats that are far out of sight, and the sound is basically unchanged. It can be likened to living in Gothenburg and hearing the sound of all the cars driving around in Stockholm. That would be very noisy and would probably not be permitted…

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