A Short Animated Film of a Fox and a Mouse

Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert

Whew, have I been busy lately! To the point I don’t have time andenergy to blog or even read my favourite blogs. 😅

I hope next week will be better, so for now, here’s a random video for you!

Cute, isn’t it? I like how the fox jumps headfirst into snow to hunt like the real thing. 😆

~Nicolle ❤️

P.S. And yes, Ipuna, I haven’t forgotten my promise on the next collaboration cover picture! I should have it done in the next week. 😛

A Short Self-Compassionate Letter

Dear Self,

It’s great you actually took the effort to write this despite lacking energy! And what a cute video and with a good message on friendship too. ❤️

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