Shooting citywide, armed forces in Rocinha: what’s going on?


Worse than you can imagine

Relic outside the Public Safety Secretariat: sign of the times?

UPP failure a result of questionable management

Unlike housing, health and education, public safety is a service that doesn’t lend itself to different approaches, one for the rich, one for the poor.

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This is because building walls, paying paramilitaries, buying weapons, hiring bodyguards, blacking out car windows and living in bubbles ultimately bump up against the fact that we live in one city. Regardless of our awareness, social and political phenomena affect us all. Yesterday’s metro Rio paralysis is the best latest evidence of this.

But Rio has long acted as if it were possible to treat public safety with the same duality we use when it comes to the other services we need.

Yesterday’s shooting tally, by Fogo Cruzado

Feudal times, still 

Yesterday there was shooting all over Rio  —…

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