She’s (un)crafty Giveaway

The Blue Sparrow

Never in six billion years would I consider myself crafty, so no one was shocked more than myself when I decided to start making candles.

I am candle obsessed though and had always wanted to make my own.

The last crafty thing I attempted was making and selling sponge painted t shirt dresses at age eight with my neighbor.

My neighbor and I’s most popular print was a watermelon. It was like Warhol, but not at all like Warhol.

Her sister is an artist in Austin. Hi Stephanie! Stephanie Nance. Look her up. She is amazing, and probably rolled her eyes at her sister and I’s sponge dresses.

Laura, our dresses were both fashion forward and amazing. Perhaps we should start making them again?


After trying my hand at welding last month, I thought, how hard could melting wax possibly be?

Here went nothing.

And now I introduce to…

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