You Can’t Stop Progress…

It was highly fitting that the skies were overcast and winds blustery on the opening day of The Omega Project; the latest body of work by progressive street artist Rone.

A soon-to-be-demolished house in the inner-city suburb of Alphington, Melbourne formed a canvas for seven of the artist’s signature murals, which adorned the walls of each room.

It cost Rone $1 to rent and no bond. The house belonged to Joe who was 92 and passed away a few years ago. A bit of an attention seeker, Joe’s family thought he would get a kick out of it. Despite being limited to 15 people every 5 mins, the line had grown halfway down the street by lunchtime. Joe, wherever he was, would surely have been pleased.


Working with interior stylists from The Establishment Studios, each room was furnished with a range of props and knick-knacks that hinted…

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