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Random Facts: Bees

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Research in 2008 showed that Asian bees and European bees can understand each other, and research in 2012 showed that bees can recognise human faces. A honey bee’s wings beat about 200 beats…

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Hail to Aloe Vera. — Plantsandbeyond

Ancient, but Well-known Medicinal Plant that belongs in everyone’s kitchen today. Native to Africa, Aloe Vera is a hardy succulent that’s easy to grow inside or outside of your own home. It thrives in poor soil and requires very little … Continue reading

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Sun, the city is set.

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A Caterpillar of Feathers | Colossal

Here’s a fantastic optical illusion courtesy of mother nature. What looks like a vibrantly colored caterpillar perched on a tree limb is actually photographer José Luis Rodríguez’s chance encounter with nine extra cozy European Bee-eaters. The photographer named the image … Continue reading

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The People’s Pool in Ramos

Originally posted on Deep Rio:
When most people think of beaches in Rio, images of the beautiful Copacabana or a sunset in Ipanema usually come to mind. But a few miles from these icons of Brazilian landscape sits an artificial…

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The North Remembers – Tories Cancel Northern Powerhouse Plans

Originally posted on #LeftGate:
In a shocking move, the Conservative Transport Minister Chris Grayling has cancelled a range of high profile transport investment projects in the North. Pledges in the 2015 manifesto promised a significant boost to the Northern economy,…

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How Brazil Does Winter: A Visit to Campos do Jordão

ALL SET CONCIERGE I’m sure the title fooled you. Trust me – when my colleagues in São Paulo showed me the itinerary for my recent VIP trip, I was a bit confused when I saw the words “fondue, wine, fur, … Continue reading

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Just 5 pct approve of Brazilian leader Temer’s government amid scandals, corruption

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Conceptual Illustrations That Unveil Hidden Worlds by Andrea Ucini | Colossal

Self-taught Italian illustrator Andrea Ucini draws scenes which reveal hidden plot lines, adding a conceptual twist to his minimalistic imagery. Within Ucini’s illustrations one can sneak a peek behind the veil of a shadow or streetlamp, uncovering another world or … Continue reading

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A Starbucks Inside a 100-Year-Old Converted Teahouse in Kyoto

Situated along the historic Ninenzaka street in Kyoto, this new Starbucks, which opened on June 30, is located inside a 100-year-old converted Japanese teahouse where visitors can remove their shoes and sit on tatami mats on the 2nd floor of … Continue reading

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