Thanks, Isaac Asimov, but what robots need is Shakespeare

Melanie Roussel

I don’t often find something which speaks to my two loves, sci-fi and Shakespeare, but last week the Guardian kindly obliged with their article We need robots to have morals. Could Shakespeare and Austen help? written by John Mullan.

It’s a great article, you should give it a read. Briefly, scientists are starting to think about artificial intelligence, or AI, are going to make their decisions. What code will they follow? How will they learn right from wrong? This is a consideration which is as old as the idea of AI itself. It’s been covered famously by Isaac Asimov and his three robot laws, and also by movies like A.I., Transcendence and Blade Runner (one of my favs!).

download (5).jpg

Scientists at the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a system which is intended to extrapolate moral guidance and life lessons from works of literature. Probably with intended…

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