Earth Looks greenYgrey to the Core


Being in space and looking at things from a distant objective overview kind of way does have its benefits, providing a cooler view of matters on ‘the only one of the eight planets in our solar system not named after a Roman god or goddess; ‘Earth’ is from an ‘old English word, “ertha” which means ground or land.’ (fact 2 in an article I’ll later reference for you!). Why, I noticed this morning that Earth has a greenygrey outer surface/atmosphere and a golden core like my Y (greenYgrey); although remembering that 70% of its surface is ocean, and it is also therefore known as the blue planet.

Slide 5 of 11Slide 8 of 11Golden Planet

Moreover, a 10 interesting facts about the Earth article on MSN (fact 1) said that:’If you collected the gold in the Earth’s core, you could cover the entire surface of the planet in 1.5 feet of the mineral. It would be…

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