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Today in Transportation History – 2009: An International Bridge Opens

Originally posted on Transportation History:
The Takutu River Bridge, which links the town of Lethem in Guyana with the municipality of Bonfim in Brazil was opened to traffic. Construction of the bridge was a project within the Initiative for the…

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A Strange Sort of Books

Originally posted on Math Plus Culture:
The National Library of Brazil holds the largest collection of books in South America. Although there are many intriguing volumes on its shelves, I found the library most notable not for any particular book but…

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Earth Looks greenYgrey to the Core

Originally posted on greenygrey3:
Being in space and looking at things from a distant objective overview kind of way does have its benefits, providing a cooler view of matters on ‘the only one of the eight planets in our solar…

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Thanks, Isaac Asimov, but what robots need is Shakespeare

Originally posted on Melanie Roussel:
I don’t often find something which speaks to my two loves, sci-fi and Shakespeare, but last week the Guardian kindly obliged with their article We need robots to have morals. Could Shakespeare and Austen help? written by John…

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Everyday Africa

Originally posted on Sarah Kante:
Ginika is on her way to join thousands of Nigerian law graduates called to bar in Abuja, Nigeria. @tomsaater Riding over the Niger River in Bamako, Mali. @janehahn Poolside scene at a hotel in Grand-Bassam,…

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Jennifer Pluznick: You smell with your body, not just your nose | TED Talk |

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Future of Fake News

Welcome to the future of fake news. Source: Future of Fake News

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Far Lane, Gorton

Originally posted on Gorton, Manchester:
Far Lane is a road in Gorton, Manchester, which still retains its country lane aesthetic, bordered on both sides by woodlands it comprises of a cluster of private residential cottages.  All of these cottages overlook…

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Why People From Manchester Are Mancunians, Not Manchesterians – Atlas Obscura

Demonyms are vital to our conceptions of ourselves, but the rules behind them can be pretty messy. Source: Why People From Manchester Are Mancunians, Not Manchesterians – Atlas Obscura

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Young Lives Lost

Originally posted on Jonathan Fryer:
Last night, shortly after dinner, we heard gunshots not far away from the house, followed by police sirens, and this morning the story was all over town. An 18-year-old youth had shot dead another and…

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