Cachaça: A Brazilian expertise!

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The „cachaça” has its origins back in the time when Brazil was just a Portuguese colony and had its slaves to produce the sugar. There is a “legend” that say that the cachaça was accidently produced because the slaves were tired of stirring the sugar cane “syrup” and then turned into alcohol, the well know nowadays “cachaça”.

Nowadays, the cachaça it’s a part of the “Brazilian soul” and it’s very admired not only by its compatriots but all over the world, being considered the “National beverage”. It is such a cultural phenomenon that there are around 100 different terms to refer to it in the Portuguese language.


The cachaça is the 3rd most drank distilled alcohol in the whole world, falling behind of Vodka and Soju (a Korean drink consumed in all Asia). In Brazil, we have 30.000 cachaça producers, Sao Paulo is the biggest producer of “industrial cachaça”…

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