One person, not a whole community.

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Manchester, Monday 22nd May 2017.  22 people lost their lives during a terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert. The events of Monday evening have me heartbroken, angry and just plain confused. How can one person (I refuse to call him a man for his actions are that of a coward not a man) cause so much destruction and heartbreak? Why? This person attacked some of the most vulnerable people are country is home to, children. Children, teenagers and guardians all killed because of one persons selfish, cowardly act.

Ariana Grande is well known for being a hit with the younger music fans, this person knew what they were doing. They knew who would be hurt.

For many victims this would of been their first concert. Maybe a birthday or Christmas present from parents. For many of the people there on Monday this would be the first time they experienced…

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