Zika: where are we now and where is it going?

Joseph Masters

I’ve previously written to give a brief general overview of the Zika virus and to tell the story of where it came from. In this article I’ll described where the virus is now and what we expect it to do next.

Zika: where is it now?

There’s been less fuss about Zika in the news since 2016, partly because our improved understanding of the virus means there’s less of a threat from the ‘unknown’ and partly because the number of new cases already seems to be dwindling away as the populations exposed to it have developed ‘herd immunity’.

In November last year, the WHO dropped their classification of Zika as a ‘public health emergency of international concern,’ and transferred responsibility for response to the outbreak from an ’emergency committee’ to a committee with a more long-term outlook. Just last week, Brazil also announced the end of an official ‘state…

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