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Manchester Silence, 10.31pm. 

Originally posted on City Jackdaw:
(Exactly one week on.) Silence is not merely an absence of sound; Silence is powerful; Silence can fill a space and echo within the heart.

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A tattoo too

Originally posted on The Snail of Happiness:
When great tragedy happens, there is often an outpouring of compassion. This has certainly been the case in Manchester over the past week, with many anonymous acts of kindness and generosity. But, in…

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New species of frog from the Neotropics carries its heart on its skin –

In the Neotropics, there is a whole group of so-called glassfrogs that amaze with their transparent skin covering their bellies and showing their organs underneath. A recently discovered new species from Amazonian Ecuador, however, goes … Read more Source: New … Continue reading

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Cachaça: A Brazilian expertise!

Originally posted on Go Dream & Go Travel :
The „cachaça” has its origins back in the time when Brazil was just a Portuguese colony and had its slaves to produce the sugar. There is a “legend” that say that the…

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New Jersey – 99% Invisible

Brazil used to play in plain, unremarkable white shirts. The story of how the uniform changed goes back to the World Cup of 1950, held that year in Brazil for the first time. 99% Invisible with Roman Mars is a … Continue reading

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Colorizing History: Stunning GIFs Show Black and White Vintage Photos Getting Colorized

Originally posted on AesthesiaMag:
Colorizing History: Stunning GIFs Show Black and White Vintage Photos Getting Colorized Dutch website NSMBL recently posted a collection of GIFs showing the “before” and “after” of digital colorization of classic black and white photographs. That…

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Originally posted on Mixed Media: Tatsimi is the autobiography of Yoshihiro Tatsumi, a famous manga artist in Japan. Manga are Japanese comic books, a literary genre differs significantly from American comic books. Tatsumi is interspersed with short stories by…

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91 Brazilian Prisoners Escaped Through A Tunnel

Originally posted on TheZope Media Journal:
Law enforcers have recaptured eight of the 91 prisoners that escaped from a jail in the northeastern section of Brazil on Thursday. Overcrowding is a major problem in the prisons in Brazil with 589…

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My visit to an indigenous tribe in Brazil

Originally posted on Joseph Masters:
Last week I visited an indigenous tribe along with a group of doctors. This has to have been one of the most incredible experiences of my life and I feel exceptionally lucky to have been invited…

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