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fcf109ae-cf9e-47cf-8b47-31d5d925d00b.jpg Photo, Ossip van Duivenbode

In nowadays architecture debate we consider buildings as a form of modern art. Investors same as architects are becomming more and more open to new forms, new materials and ideas. At some point the inspiration is so unique, that it’s getting hard to understand and to “read” as I prefer to call it.

Good architecture is a term, which is getting extremely popular now.

We can hear about it at college, read in newspaper, or even argue with sb. while discussing exact building. But do we know what does it mean? During my research I was investigating the origin, meaning and importance of the term. I found 3 main components, which constitutes good architecture in understanding of architects and users of the architecture.


To call sth beautiful, we have to understand the basic inscription. We need to feel the link between us and the object. Some…

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