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20170405_225117_mh1491490574366I’ve always asked myself how British people manage to be so nice despite the weather. Whenever you fly into the UK, there’s a 99% chance that the weather is going to be worse than wherever you came from. As your plane lands and you gradually leave the blue skies to go through those English-looking clouds, you are hit by a feeling of grimness and helplessness at the same time, at the thought that there’s nothing you can do to change it – the weather is shit. And when it’s nice, it’s not going to last long. After an hour or two though, you’re fine again. The Brits (especially up North) are excellent at coping with this; they won’t allow to get dragged into misery by the miserable weather conditions. In fact, if we forget about Brexit for a moment (I know, it’s hard), I think the Brits are among the…

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