Fête fi Hours: Jamaica Carnival

Two Years pon di Rock

Feathers, rum, revelers, spectators, trucks, and plenty of soca music: this is Carnival!
We heard the marching band leading the parade as we made our way to Hope Road at mid-morning on Sunday. As we neared the street, we caught glimpses of costumed marchers, called revelers, already dancing with rum drinks in their hands, alongside big rig trucks hauling speakers and mobile bars to keep the partiers going all day long.
This is @quiteperry. He’s a hilarious comedian – check out his Instagram! Carnival is still relatively small in Jamaica, especially when compared to Brazil’s or Trinidad’s, but is growing. For the first time, four different “bands,” essentially groups that march together, took part in the Road March.
As they march, Carnivalers dance and wine op to blaring soca music, which is a sort of modern Caribbean calypso-meets-EDM. And, because this is Jamaica, we saw some incredibly impressive (and at…

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  1. Yasss we a fete till all wi money dun 😄 love this post ❤

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