Got Rhythm?

Benji's Beans

Have you ever just done the same thing every morning day after day? Can you recite every single detail of your actions? If you can, you might have rhythm. Why rhythm? Well the easy answer is your morning activities have a repeated pattern of movement or sound. The better answer is to have a daily rhythm that is smooth, suave, and pleasing. Now, everyone is going to have an answer to how they make their mornings or entire days better with their rhythmic patterns of prosperity and enthusiasm, but I think combining people’s ideas will be beneficial to society. Oh yes, society. After all, don’t we all want to contribute to society in some shape or form. If not, then what are we doing?

Anyway, what does any of my gibberish have to deal with coffee, ostriches, or getting your coffee legs? When you first think about it, it doesn’t make…

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