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St. George and the Dragons

Originally posted on The Myth Maze :
St. George , patron saint of England is celebrated on 23rd April. He seems a strange choice for English folk being of Syrian origin and born of a Greek father and a Syrian mother.…

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Wondrous Tribes: Amazons

Originally posted on Into the Wonder:
Probably not historically accurate Of all the “wondrous tribes” European explorers reported to exist in the Americas, the Amazons are probably the most obviously human. They have the requisite number of eyes, legs, and…

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Originally posted on Elieser E. Borba:
FOTO: Elieser Borba      .       Morador de rua com fixadores externos na Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana

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Why Chefs Wear White (and Sometimes Color Too)

Originally posted on We Are Chefs:
By Ana Kinkaid Today’s diners accept a chef’s gleaming white jacket as the standard attire of a culinary professional, prompted in part by the early television appearances of Paul Prudhomme and Wolfgang Puck. Yet…

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Lost in a Dream

Originally posted on Write Sketch Blog:
Lost in a Dream is a surreal depiction of bliss found in sleep. Lost in a Dream In many ways, it is a representation of what my real life is not. Inspired by music,…

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“3D Trick Street Art”.

Originally posted on Old Guv Legends:
While museums around the world strictly disallow photography, this one in particular not only allow touching of exhibits and photography, they encourage it. In fact, a trip to “Art in Island”, an interactive art…

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Behind the Scenes Footage of Brian Davis’ ‘TAPTASTIC’

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Watch as Brian Davis, Pamela Yasutake and #theBand prepare for their upcoming show, “Taptastic”. ? Show Information: TAPTASTIC DATE: MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017 TIME: 9:30 PM LOCATION: THE METROPOLITAN ROOM (MANHATTAN) SEE YA THERE!

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Captured Moment Series – 05

Originally posted on Corimus Counseling:
Enjoy the moment of beauty. Looking at the blossoming flowers, we can sigh at their rare occurrences, or worry they are going to be gone too soon. Or we can just stay with the moment…

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Rivers 20 000 000 Thames Water Nil

Originally posted on Andrew Mark Watkins:
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A classic coffee and walnut loaf cake now with a coffee buttercream filling

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Originally posted on Promenade Plantings:
I’m off to the French Alps for my annual snow fix which as many of you will know means a whole heap of snow and a healthy dollop of cooking – nothing better than a…

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