Brazilian Cuisine ¦ The sweets and desserts you must try in Brazil

Covers Brazilian Desserts

The traditional foods of a country can say a lot about their culture, and it’s not different in Brazil. Each region of this big country has different dishes, but it’s not difficult to find everything almost everywhere.

The Brazilian desserts may be too sweet for some foreigners, but there are a lot options for every taste. Trust us, they are delicious!



The Brazilian chocolate truffle is probably the most famous dessert of the country. It is amazing how a mix of condensed milk, chocolate powder and butter can bring happiness and joy in a few minutes!


The versions of brigadeiro with coconut, peanut and strawberry, in this order.


Coconut candy cocada different tastes with coconut

Made with coconut and baked, this chewy dessert has many versions, but the two most populars are the traditional white coconut and the black cocada, made with brown sugar and slightly burnt coconut. Both…

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