Yip Man – Bruce Lee’s mentor – Master of martial arts – Video


Yip Man, aka Ip Man, was the instructor for some of the most respected names in martial arts.  Among others, Bruce Lee and Wong Shun Leung were his students.

Raised in an affluent family in the Foshan area of Guangdong, China, he and his three siblings were educated in traditional Chinese ways. At the age of seven, Yip Man began his training in martial arts with Chan Wah-sun, an authority of the Wing Chun discipline of martial arts. Chan was in his sixties when Yip Man came to him to begin his education. Yip received much of his instruction from Wu Chung-sok, the second eldest disciple of Chan Wah-sun. Sadly, Chan would only live another three years after Yip formally began training under Wu Chung-sok. Chan’s last wish was that his disciples continue teaching Yip the most difficult aspects of Wing Chun.

Yip continued training for some time but decided…

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