A foodies guide to… Brazil!


Brazil, Brazil. Famous for its football, amazing beaches and friendly people, however not always so favourably remembered for its food. The first time I came to Brazil I really struggled with the ‘beige’ food on offer – lots of heavy meats and pastries, carbs on carbs on carbs! But this time my experience has been completely different as I’ve enjoyed my culinary adventure across the sixth largest country in the world. This post will look at what some of Brazil’s main cities has to offer, and maybe why you should be booking Brazil as your next holiday.

São Paulo

With a population of 12.04 million people, São Paulo has an abundance of restaurants to choose from -whatever tickles your fancy. Not only are there many of the traditional pay per kilo eateries and churrascarias but also cuisines from all over the world, including some amazing Japanese food. As Brazil has…

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