7 Popular Street Foods to Try in Brazil

The Traveling Pinay

Brazil is a tropical country and it’s the largest country in South America. It really does have it all from unique culture and the outstanding personalities of places and people. Maybe the secret lies within the Brazilian cuisine. Since the Brazilian population is mix and diverse (from native to immigrant), Brazilian cuisine varies greatly by region from the north to the south.

I’ve picked 7 heavenly Brazilian street foods (that even the locals would die for) to try on your visit.


DSCF3745 (2) cópia

Açaí is a thirst-quenching food. Brazilians love it in summer or even in winter! It’s a purple berry that can also use as a sauce with fish or meat. However, Brazilians prefer it sweet and cold like a sorbet. You can prepare it with some sliced fruits of your choice, add sugar or condensed milk then top it with granola, or crushed peanuts, or crushed cashew nuts, or milk…

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