A Real Carnaval Fiesta

Nuances in the Byways of Spain

Today we buried a fish. I couldn’t tell you why, but I can tell you that I don’t think it’s because Spain hates sardines in particular. Today was Ash Wednesday, the final day of carnaval and the first day of lent. However, following the dictatorship of Franco where religion was forced upon the people, many do not observe religious traditions out of defiance of that period of time. However, the Spanish will never pass up an excuse to party. So although I asked several locals, nobody quite remembered why it is a sardine that is buried and what kind of religious significance is associated with it. However, all over Spain on this day people come together for the Entierra de la Sardina. It began with a band and a particularly heart wrenching eulogy for the beloved sardine who would inevitably be laid to rest that day. There were definitely tears…

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