Carnaval under Temer, the Tropical Trump


Half a year on from seizing power in a parliamentary coup, Brazil’s president faces growing resistance during the Carnaval.

By Fregmonto Stokes.

Reading about Trump is the political equivalent of a fast food addiction, a guilty search for the next chicken nugget sized chunk of idiocy to burst out of the White House. For those looking to diversify their sources of depression, it’s worth remembering that another right-wing slime ball defeated a female opponent to take the presidency in dubious circumstances in the Americas last year: Michel Temer, the current president of Brazil. And just like in the US, people are fighting back, though we’re not hearing about it so much. So put away those chicken nuggets, because this story is a full course meal of farofa, brown beans and rice, and it’ll sit heavy in your belly while you digest it, but you’ll walk away feeling satisfied.

temer-1 Brazilian President-by-Stealth…

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