Wild Elephants Sleep Just 2 Hours a Day, Puzzling Scientists in UCLA Study

News For The Blind

Anyone who feels proud for pulling an all-nighter has nothing on the African Elephant.

A study released Wednesday of two matriarchal elephants in Botswana’s Chobe National Park revealed the lumbering creatures only slept for two hours a day — apparently the least of any mammals.

Remarkably, these insomniac elephants traveled nearly 19 miles in 10 hours without rest and stayed up for a record 46 hours straight, according to the study conducted by the UCLA Center for Sleep Research and the nonprofit research group Elephants Without Borders.


Scientists have noted that the elephants’ non-sleeping abilities are a new record for a mammal’s sleeping pattern and compared it to captive elephants’ sleeping patterns of five to six hours a day.

“The elephants were studied for continuous 35 day periods [from a distance],” Jerry Siegel, director of the Center for Sleep Research, told NBC News. “Elephants move with their herd and move…

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