Neil deGrasse Tyson – Joe Rogan Experience #919

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The internet is a wonderful place and there’s no better evidence of that other than when Neil deGrasse Tyson goes on the Joe Rogan Experience. Tyson is an excellent teacher, capable of breaking down the most complex subjects into easily consumable bits of knowledge. Joe’s childish excitement to have Tyson on the show is quite evident, yet, he is able to steer the conversation in a manner that enables the audience to soak in all the information.
In an attempt to be more succinct, I will style my writings after lecture notes so it’s easier for you to follow along while listening to the podcast. Enjoy and share my blog if you like the content. Thanks! – J

Promos 0:00 – 5:18
  • – Use code word “Rogan”

Hats & Muscles

  • Determine what your hat size is by measuring the circumference of your head and then dividing by pi.
  • Neil used…

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