Chimney Pot Park #suprisingsalford #6

Back on the road again

chimney-pot-park-2017-9 One of the doorways of the houses around Chimney Pot Park

In any city I will seek out the parks, those green spaces that are important for the health of people and wildlife.  I therefore found my way through the streets of Salford to Chimney Pot Park soon after we had moved here.  Although this handkerchief-sized park is not the most beautifully landscaped it is unusual and I always make the effort to walk through it when I am nearby as I love the airy views this elevated park gives across Salford.  Everyone calls the park Chimney Pot Park, although Salford City Council call it Langworthy Park on their website and local people are familiar with and pass down the park’s singular story.  That first day I came looking for Chimney Pot Park I was initially confused as at street level all I could can see was a long brick wall…

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