Wonder Woman: Feminist Role Model or Male Fantasy?


51KGKeUX+SLOn the 20th of February 1893, American psychologist Elizabeth Holloway was born on the Isle of Man, subsequently immigrating and growing up in Boston, Massachusetts. Elizabeth and her husband William Moulton Marston – scientist, psychologist and writer, formed a peculiarly creative pair. He ended up making an important scientific discovery when his wife told him of her observation that when she “became angry or excited her blood pressure seemed to climb.” And that is how Bill invented the polygraph (otherwise known as the lie detector). Elizabeth was also the chief inspiration behind his comic character, Wonder Woman, a superheroine series published by DC Comics in 1941. Her depiction as an amazon fighting for justice, love, peace, and sexual equality has led to Wonder Woman being considered as the ageless grandmother of feminist icons. It is then interesting to find out where Wonder Woman’s real powers hail from…

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