Carnaval: An Opportunity of a Lifetime


When many people think of Carnaval, scenes of Brazil’s or Germany’s super-famous parades may come to mind: Colorful costumes. Huge parade floats. Music and dancing. Food and drink. But Carnival in Ecuador isn’t quite the same.

Many countries around the world with dominant Catholic populations observe a form of Carnaval. It is a celebration before the start of Lent, and by many Ecuadorians it is considered a very special day.

carnaval Photo Credit: El Comercio (x)

On Carnaval they enjoy the company of their families and find fun and festive ways to celebrate. “Every minute is incredible and you have to enjoy each of them because you have to wait a whole year to be able to do it again,” says one participant. Armed with water balloons, water guns, and colorful paint, many Ecuadorians turn public spaces into jubilant battlegrounds. Balconies and other high places serve as strategic positions from…

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