When is it too much?

Bond Aboveboard

Right now in Louisiana many are celebrating the carnival season. We are eating King Cakes at parties, at work, and in classrooms. These decadent confections are stuffed with cinnamon and sugar or cream cheese or fruit fillings then topped with icing and sprinkled with purple, green and gold sugar. This is the time when over the top is the norm.

When is it too much?

Food, friends, politics, opinions, fear…

This excessive season has also felt like an intense and never-ending Thanksgiving dinner. You know the times when you stuff yourself while trying to drown out someone talking about how stupid other people are because of what they believe. Sitting at the table with friends and family is uncomfortable.

Recently, I have been feeling uncomfortable a lot. The generalizing and finger-pointing is not helpful…”those people”…”angry women”…”ignorant young people”…”they don’t represent me!” Instead of keeping the conversations about the issues and…

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