Popular variety show guest Luane Dias target of racist comments; second time in less than a week that pejorative comments come from another black person

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: When I first set out to create a blog about black Brazilian women for the English-speaking world, I also knew that it would be important to include stories and reports that demonstrate the challenges of being black in Brazil. And one of the unfortunate ills that come with being black in Brazil is constantly being the target of racist sentiments. The internet has made the expression of such sentiments even easier but also easier to denounce. Below is simply another example of the “we’re all equal”, “no one is racist here” mentality that is as Brazilian as feijoada. 

luane_dias Luane Dias, a regular guest on the Globo TV variety show ‘Esquenta’ is the latest famous black Brazilian victim of internet racism

Luane Dias, of Esquenta, is a victim of a racist attack on internet

Luane Dias receives racist attacks on the web and says…

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