10 Essential Brazilian Gestures


download-151) ´Whatever´

Brazilians hit the back of their fingers against the fingers on the other hand, several times alternately to say ´I don´t care´or  ‘I don´t mind´.

2) ‘Ass hole´download-10

Making a sideways OK signal is the equivilent of giving someone the middle finger in Brazil. It is basically the non-verbal way to call someone an ‘ass hole´.

download-133) ‘They´re together´

By repeatedly rubbing the two index fingers together, this signals that two people are close, romantically involved or are planning something together.

download-124) ‘It´s taking too long´

Whereas in the UK, we often click our fingers repeatedly to signal that we´re trying to remember something, in Brazil this signals that something is taking too long (if it´s done slowly) and that you want something done faster.

5) ‘It looks good´download-14

To signal that something looks good, Brazilians repeatedly tug on one of their ear lobes.

download-166) ´It´s packed´

To gesture that a…

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