Renewable Energy, Renewed Hope – or; the brief unqualified argument for support of the Swansea Tidal Lagoon Project (with citations)

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For this Blog post, I want to talk about a great engineering project which after many stalls, delays and re-thinks Britain may soon be about to undertake, the Tidal Lagoon Project.

This nation has had a long history of leading the way in engineering,  Stephenson and his Rocket, Brunel and the SS Great Britain, Parsons with the compound steam engine and Wallis with his bouncing bombs to list a few of my go-to names. We are however traditionally a nation of people close to the land and the sea that brings us habitation and sustenance so it is only right that from these two great traditions we find a way to move the country forward in an environmentally-conscious fashion.

The method of Hydroelectric power is not a new concept, and with us being an island race we should really be looking to make the most of this.  If built as…

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