Learning and unlearning: how does the radical left build its understanding?


How does the radical left build its understanding? Who are the theorists? Solvi Qorda makes the case for Vygotskian pedagogy as a way of understanding our problems and also of finding better cultures to replace them.

Photo: Steve Eason Photo: Steve Eason

For many of us, school is a humiliating experience made worse by testing. Upon leaving compulsory education, this experience can either be briefly contradicted by the freedom of undergraduate education, and then quickly revisited in exams, or further entrenched by that horror of horrors, staff training.

Learning has a bad reputation, mostly because the ways we are told we experience it are sectioned off and utilised for a very specific purpose; teaching us how to serve the needs of the workplace; socialising us into accepting the common sense view that education is about how best to meet targets. When joy in learning about the world appears, it is brief, as term…

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