The Case Against Dark Matter

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  1. This is a simpler idea. That actually predicted the latest results :Gravitational Time Dilation Explains Dark Matter

    “…younger galaxies do have less Dark Matter in proportion to regular matter  since the mass-energy relativistic accumulation has a compounding effect over time: The higher the energy density ratio; the more mass-energy relativistic accumulation, the more mass-energy relativistic accumulation; the more gravity, the more gravity; the more mass-energy relativistic accumulation. Even though in the early universe energy density was higher, that density was more uniformly distributed. That means that the further away we look to younger galaxies, the less Dark Matter we should find.

    No Wimps no Mond needed:

    Dark Energy mass density calculation is right but its actual energy density is higher because its nature is different to any other form of energy we know.(Casimir Effect experiments suggest a minimun of 12 orders of magnitud higher vacuum energy density if the distance between the sphere and the plate could get logarithmically half way closer to plank scales). That density gets gradually higher the closer it is arround cosmic structures when compared to the energy density at an orbiting star frame of reference due to gravitational time dilation (Galactic Shapiro delay inside a sphere with the star orbiting radius). The net effect is the accumulation of relativistic equivalent mass (Dark Matter).
    Since this explanation is purely relativistic, this hypothesis could explain why there are big discrepancies between Dark Matter measurents from gravitational lensing and rotation velocities, why dwarf galaxies seem to be sumerged on seas of DM, why there is not sensible higher CDM densities when calculated from inner orbiting star velocities.
    Since the mechanism is accumulative, it explains why the younger the galaxy you measure the rotation speed the less “influential” Dark Matter is in that galaxy. Also, since it is mass(equivalent mass) it has inertia as observed in the bullet cluster.
    The mathematical model is far from perfect but exposes a mechanism that has been overlooked because relativistic speeds are a lot higher than any possible escape velocity (not counting arround black holes).
    We would no need to change the standard model of particle physics (suggested by CDM’s WIMPS) nor General Relativity (suggested by MOND) . It only needs our better understanding of Dark Energy.
    Would these possibilities make any sense?


  2. It actually predicted the latest observations.


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