Device Analyzes Your Breath To Check For Diseases 


Video via Technion

As it stands the smell of your breath can be quite telling about your health, or at least certain aspects of your health. However in the future, it seems that tests for lung cancer and Parkinson’s disease could be easily determined and detected using nothing more than your breath, making it a quick and painless way of checking up on your health.

This is thanks to researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology who have developed a device that can read the nanoparticles in your breath, after which it is then able to identify 17 different diseases, like lung cancer and Parkinson’s like we mentioned earlier. How this works is that the researchers took breath samples from more than 1,400 patients, and identified 13 chemicals found in 8 types of cancer.

From this they were able to determine that each ailment has a specific “fingerprint” that identifies…

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